• May 2022

Spike in Commercial to Residential Conversions

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The number of office and commercial buildings that have been approved for conversion to residential housing has risen by 24% versus the previous year (from 950 to 1,180), according to leading private wealth law firm Boodle Hatfield.

Read on to learn the key reasons behind this spike in commercial to residential conversions, and how David James Architects can assist with your conversion and architectural requirements.

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Spike resulting from hybrid-working models caused by the pandemic

As a result of the pandemic there has been an increase in hybrid-working arrangements, which has meant that businesses have either downsized or vacated their offices. Developers have taken the opportunity to invest and convert these redundant office spaces for residential use.

Rather than looking to demolish existing commercial premises, utilising existing building infrastructure to convert and create residential homes is a more environmentally sustainable option.

Not all buildings require planning permission

Since the introduction of permitted development rights in 2013, it has become easier to convert commercial spaces into residential ones as certain types of buildings do not require planning permission.

Residential conversion considerations

It should be noted that such residential conversions should be thought through carefully, especially given the different needs of residents versus employees, in terms of heating, lighting and ventilation. Such considerations are our speciality. For example, David James recently undertook the redevelopment of Greyhound House in Blandford for both commercial and residential use.

David James are specialists in conversions and redevelopments

David James are one of the South’s leading architectural firms, boasting a team of RIBA chartered, award-winning architects in Dorset.

We specialise in a range of architectural services – including conversions and redevelopments – and we work with you to achieve your vision within your budget and timescales.

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