We are experts in unlocking a site’s potential and specialise in delivering dynamic design solutions.


Striving for excellence in design and architecture.

Feasibility studies

DJA are known across the South of England as experts in unlocking a site’s potential, often on Brownfield sites, in the Greenbelt and ecologically sensitive areas.

Our layouts offer our clients certainty in moving forward. We can confidently advise on the site’s constraints and opportunities whilst having regard to planning criteria and seeking the best design solution. 

Concept design

Our design approach is dynamic and explores the best solution with care and consideration. DJA have a reputation for thoughtful, high-calibre concept designs, always thinking of practical design solutions to achieve a site’s potential, whilst never compromising on aesthetics or build quality. By presenting our concept within a variety of 3D media, DJA can help you gain a better sense of the proposed design, its features, and its relationship within the setting of the site.

DJA have a commitment to not only creating functional buildings, but also creating buildings that contribute positively to their surroundings and enhance the quality of life of those who use them.

Planning drawings

DJA take a proactive approach to understanding how local authorities read and interpret drawings and how they assess a scheme. Our flexible approach to design, together with our planning expertise and extensive technical knowledge allows us to meet your requirements and deliver to the highest standards. Our planning drawings are optimised for the intended viewer, ensuring that the design concepts are communicated clearly and effectively. This can help facilitate feedback and collaboration between all parties involved in the project and ultimately lead to a better end result.

Overall, DJA’s attention to detail and proactive approach to the planning process sets our designs apart and increases the likelihood of approval.

Technical & detail design

At DJA we have an award-winning technical team who work on the post-planning, production phase of the projects. We have very close relationships with independent Building Control companies and Local Authorities. If you already have planning permission, we will happily lead you through the technical stage for your project. We have accumulated tried and tested details for all types of traditional and modern methods of construction inclusive of off-site manufacturing.

We always ensure that our technical drawings are produced to the highest standards, being accurate and thoroughly workable on site.

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As a practice, we offer joint ventures as part of our service, utilising our extensive experience in this field.

This approach allows us to work closely with our clients/partners to create innovative and effective solutions for your site that could deliver long-term value.

By working collaboratively, we can share knowledge, expertise, and resources, and leverage the strengths of each party to achieve shared goals.

If you are interested in exploring this option for your project, we would be happy to discuss it further with you over a tea or coffee.

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