• February 2022

What makes timeless home design?

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At David James’ Architects, we are passionate about producing not only premium quality designs, but ensuring that they stand the test of time too.

When designing and constructing modern homes, it can be tempting to go full space-age – modern technology allows for incredible flexibility in design, that enables architects to fully embrace their creative visions.

Read on to find out more about how we blend our knowledge of classic design and local flair with modern styles and revolutionary ideas.


Often with home design, less is more. Of course, this cannot be applied to all new-build homes, but taking a minimalist approach helps to clear the plans of anything other than the crucial components.

By focusing only on the main features of your home design, you can ensure that all resources are directed towards nailing the essence of home building – which is to create the best livable space possible.

While a raft of new technologies and features in the home will certainly catch the eyes of prospective buyers, if something like the dynamics of the downstairs floor or the amount of natural light in the property are unsatisfactory, this will be a dealbreaker.

Local Style

When approaching a new-build home project, it’s absolutely essential that the team have a crystal-clear understanding of the local architectural styles – allowing your new build to fit in with the aesthetic of the area.

For example, a Sandbanks style, glass heavy new-build would not be appropriate in a Northern town, where the general style reflects the town’s medieval history.

Of course, it wouldn’t be feasible to create houses with no new features whatsoever – but any boundary-pushing features should be tastefully selected and reflect an embracement of local styles in a modern design.


In order for a home to have timeless design in the modern age, sustainability is right at the top of the list.

Not only would a failure to integrate modern eco-friendly systems into the house be deterrent for prospective buyers, but it would be ignoring the responsibility of architects and construction firms to reduce their carbon footprint.

By ensuring the home has a low carbon footprint, you are massively extending the shelf-life of the building and likely reducing bill costs for the prospective owners.

Many innovations have been made in this field in recent years, but there is still a long way to go – producing the next revolutionary sustainability innovation could guarantee the timeless nature of the home.

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