• November 2021

What makes the perfect Master Planning service?


At David James Architects, we are commercial architects with considerable experience working on master planning projects with national and regional clients across the country. These projects span the whole range of residential sites, including large housing developments, student accommodation and community centres – meaning we’re skilled and knowledgeable in completing these projects in a variety of different sectors.

This puts us in a good position to talk about what makes a successful master planning service – but what’s certain before we begin is that it is a complex, multifaceted task that requires intimate understanding of a variety of areas.

The Groundwork

Arguably, the most important part of master planning is in the name – planning. A poorly put together master plan could lead to an urban/residential environment that’s plagued with expensive problems in the future, meaning it’s far more sensible to spend extra time getting it right before getting to work.

A part of this is often a feasibility study – a comprehensive analysis of the site’s geographic, environmental and historical context within an area. This identifies any aspects of the site or project that need extra attention or a different approach.

The next step is the completion of a strategic framework – the analysis of the physical, social and economic properties of an area, including the mapping of topological features, the site location and its dimensions, and the already existing uses, if applicable.

Once these two important steps have been passed, physical and spatial elements of the plan can begin, including the 3D modelling of the prospective developments.

The Community

Engaging the community is absolutely crucial to the master planning process, as these are the people you are hoping to benefit with the development. Local opposition can be costly as it creates a hostile atmosphere towards the construction of the project, which can doom it to fail from the start.

At David James Architects we take pride in our focus on the community and how to engage it best – our intimate knowledge of local planning policy and close links with local authorities give us great connections. These connections allow us to produce plans that are both viable to locals and realistic within their scope, as to not cause discontent over the impact on the local residents.

We also believe it is very important to take local wildlife into consideration, which involves the surveying of areas to ensure any spots of significant biodiversity are unaffected by building works.

The Details

You’ve got the community onside, great job – so what’s next? It’s time to flesh out your master plan with real, tangible details which aid in bringing the concept to life.

This includes establishing water protocols, open space protocols as well as any retail and entertainment space that may be included within a project. It’s also a great time to start integrating the local topography into your project, including distinctive landscapes and heritage features that make the area distinct and characterful. Last but far from least, it’s important to make sure that the plans abide by the letter of the law, both in regional and national terms.

David James Architects for your quality master planning service

David James Architects are vastly experienced in the planning and implementation of construction developments on regional and national scales.

Our team has decades of collective experience designing, strategising, and cooperating in order to deliver a site that everyone affected is happy with.

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