• December 2020

Interior architectural features that will transform a property

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A showstopping staircase

A bold staircase can make a stunning feature in a foyer, or open plan living area. We have a wealth of experience designing staircases to suit all spaces. A showstopping staircase can be further enhanced with lighting or glass railings, the create an open layout.

Whether you opt for sweeping curves or clean contemporary lines, we can help you turn your stairs into a beautiful focal point.

Glass walls

Glass walls help to divide spaces while giving them a light, airy appearance. Stylish and contemporary, they make a fantastic choice in spacious, modern homes. Glass walls let you get creative your space, maximising the amount of natural light that floods through your home for a truly impactful result.

High ceilings

While some may fear that spaces with high ceilings will feel cold and empty, it’s important to note that – if done right – high ceilings can make a home feel grand and luxurious. Additional architectural details such as exposed beams can add character to high ceilings, and you can get creative with statement light fixtures and artwork to create a result that’s truly breath-taking.

Interior curvature

Curved corners and ceilings are a fun and creative design option.

You could create dramatic ceiling arches or use curved walls to create an intimate nook within a larger space. By moving away from straight lines, you can achieve a look that’s both daring and pleasing to the eye.

Our interior design team can offer bespoke furniture solutions, bathroom and kitchen layouts, and advice on internal finishes. We work closely with our clients to create elegant yet practical spaces for living. To discuss your project, get in touch with our team on 01202 755633.