• November 2021

Innovation in Modern Residential Architecture

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At David James Architects, we take great pride in our modern, creative and bright designs. Advances in architecture and building technology have transformed places like Sandbanks in Poole, where the bay road is lined with stunning futuristic homes that break the mould – a few of which we worked on ourselves!

In a changing world, innovation is more important than ever – let the David James Architects experts talk you through some of our favourite trends in architecture, what has changed in years gone by and what we can expect in the future.

Lighting and Glass

One main feature of modern designs is the extensive use of glass, which goes hand in hand with creating a bright, airy home that provides maximum comfort and mood boosting properties. Glass has come a long way since the invention of plate glass in the 19th century, and boasts an extensive list of properties that are beneficial to your property – including perfect optical clarity, substantial strength and great insulating ability.

Furthermore, glass enables the open-plan design that many prospective clients want in the modern age, while also providing partitioning and the ability to create cosy spaces – the best of both worlds. This is without compromising on light levels, that are proven to have a significant affect on our mental health – sunlight provides vitamin D which has strong, mood-boosting properties.

Harmonious and Eco-Friendly

One of the most important features of modern residential design is meeting the needs of our planet as well as our clients. We don’t compromise on quality, but believe in the importance of sustainable building practices and ensure our methods are futureproof in a climate conscious world.

When it comes to being harmonious, we want to ensure that our projects carefully consider the prior aesthetics of the area and how our designs will integrate with existing surroundings. Take a look at our award-winning Luscombe site in Dorset – a beautiful area needs a beautiful home, and we created a truly modern and innovative design that looks right at home in amongst the trees and vegetation.

David James Architects for your innovative and modern designs

At David James Architects, we strive to be at the industry forefront in terms of our design philosophy, as well as creating and driving trends in architecture and construction. We recognise the innovations of others in our industry and strive to lead in the same way, creating high quality and eco-friendly homes for our clients.

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