• April 2022

Houses with Large Windows – The Benefits

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Like this bespoke residence on the south coast, this country residence in Royal Berkshire and this residence in Poole, Dorset, we are seeing an ever-growing trend in home designs that feature large windows.

Nowadays large windows can play a prominent role in modern home décor, as such a design takes into consideration both comfort and sustainability. Read on to learn why more and more homeowners are choosing large windows for their new property, and why you should trust David James Architects with your project build.

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The benefits of floor-to-ceiling windows

Large window designs often incorporate floor-to-ceiling windows (or window walls) and their stylish, full-height glazing features can transform any room. This stunning architectural option is available in a wide range of made-to-measure styles to accommodate any property design.

Why choose large windows for your house?

Natural light exposure

Large windows allow for a wealth of natural sunlight exposure, which makes a home more inviting. Studies have shown that such exposure is proven to increase energy levels and improve your mood.

Closer to nature

Such big windows also enable to you to get closer to nature, especially as they will become the main focal point of a room, allowing for you to enjoy the views of the surrounding landscape. Being close to nature is calming and restful, and having large windows allow you to enjoy the scenery all year round.

Passive solar heat

Strategically positioned large glass windows can provide passive solar heat, as the windows capture the sun’s heat and distribute it around the home. By taking advantage of this heat source as much as possible, it can greatly benefit your energy efficiency.

Feeling of space

Large windows can also give the illusion of more space. This is because an unobstructed view of the outdoors makes a room feel connected to the outside world.

Additionally, the bright sunlight helps illuminate dark corners making a room feel less cramped. 

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