• December 2020

Bringing out the best in any site, regardless of size

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These two DJA designs are a perfect example of how we can adapt and really bring out the best in any site, regardless of size. Both these projects were in heavily treed sites in conservation areas, both challenging to develop – despite this we unlocked the sites values and potential as shown by these two projects…

‘The Treehouse’, designed by Laurie @DJA – surrounded by mature trees, this clever design complements the sylvan setting and sits perfectly in a small area. Working with Nylo Homes, we worked hard to gain planning permission and are thrilled to see Lauries design come to fruition.

Similar in nature, our design for this bespoke house in Branksome, again in a conservation area, is ‘carved’ out of a tight, sloping site. We have had a very positive pre-application response to our design and are expecting planning approval in due course; despite advice that this could not be achieved.

It is amazing what can be accomplished with limited space!