• September 2020

6 Questions You Need To Ask Commercial Architects

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As Dorset’s leading team of architects, our portfolio of past projects contains an impressive selection of imaginative and successful buildings.

Choosing your commercial architect is a big decision as it will have perhaps the biggest impact on the success of your project. So, when you sit down to discuss your needs with your potential firm, be sure to ask the following questions to determine if they’re the right team for your needs.

Do you have experience designing commercial properties?

Commercial projects and residential projects can differ massively in terms of design, functionality, planning and the need to meet regulations. As such, you need to be sure your architect understands the differences and has practical experience delivering commercial properties that work.

What challenges do you foresee on this project?

Asking this probing question will help you determine how seriously your commercial architects have thought about your project – and alert you to any potential issues you may not have yet considered.

What is your design process?

Determining how your team of architects work is an important step to understanding how they will fit in with your project. Commercial architects have their own way of working so it’s also important you each understand how the other operates in order to create a harmonious working relationship.

How will you incorporate sustainability into the project?

Now more than ever, creators of commercial projects need to think carefully about their impact on the environment not only when they are being designed and built, but also in regard to their ongoing eco-rating. Asking your architect at the very beginning of the project how they plan to make the building as eco-friendly as possible will help ensure you meet this crucial design feature.

Can I see your references?

Ask your architects about their past clients and follow up on the references they give. Good commercial architects will have plenty of references to give you and talking to their past clients will tell you a lot about the firm and whether they can deliver on their promises.

How successful were your last few projects?

If your architect can’t answer this seemingly simple question, it tells you that they don’t review or keep track of their successes and failures. This means they are not learning from their work and that each new design is basically an experiment that may come at a significant cost to you.

Award-winning firm David James Architects Ltd has years of experience providing outstanding design solutions for commercial properties in a range of sectors. Our talented team offers a complete service that can include feasibility studies, concept designs, planninginterior architecture and project management.

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