• July 2020

4 Ways Covid-19 Is Changing Architecture


Coronavirus has changed the way we live and work dramatically in just a few months, so what impact is this having on the design of our buildings? Our experienced architects at David James Architects explore just some of the changes we are already seeing in both private and commercial architecture.

New design layouts for restaurants

In order for restaurants, pubs and cafes to open again, they have had to come up with clever ways to maximise their available space whilst maintaining social distancing rules. Such measures involve spacing tables further apart, re-thinking outside space and even installing plastic screens. As Covid-19 is likely to affect our everyday lives for some time, eateries will need to carefully think about how their space can be better utilised to ensure continued success.

More flexible building designs

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of designing a building that is reactive and easily adapted to rapidly changing situations, whether that’s for creating emergency medical facilities or quiet home offices. Going forward, those looking to build new spaces, from homeowners to commercial developers, are going to require flexibility in design and architecture.

The importance of outside space

One of the things to come out of the pandemic is an appreciation of nature and outside space. During the worst of lockdown, severe travel restrictions meant going for a stroll in the park or a trip to the beach became almost impossible. Demand for useable outside space in property has already risen as a result, meaning architects will seriously need to consider how to incorporate this into any future designs.

The rise of the home office

Lockdown saw a dramatic change to the way many of us work. To help stop the spread of the virus, thousands of UK employees stopped going into the office and worked from home instead. Even with restrictions easing, many have already said they want to continue remote working. As such, architects will need to be able to create a private, dedicated working space in their designs for private residences to accommodate this shift in working culture. Similarly, architects will have to carefully think about how to utilise office space when much of the workforce may be absent.

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